What We Do
The London laser clinic was started in February 1998 dealing with laser facial and laser Body treatments, slimming and other cosmetic procedures like Collagen, Botox and Sclerotherapy. Clinics are run by qualified medical doctors who are fully registered with the General Medical Council, England and members of the British Cosmetic Society. Our expertise focuses on health and beauty therapies using the latest laser technology and with ongoing research. We are also the first clinic in the U.K. to perform laser treatments on Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Eczema. We are the first clinic to specialize in Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin type
Laser Hair Removal
Acne Treatments
Dark Circles under the Eyes
Open Pores
Erbium Laser Therapy
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Vitiligo Laser Treatment
Burn Scar Treatment
Keloid Scar
Laser Endermology
Collagen Replacement
Green Peel Skin Treament
Obagi Blue Peel Skin
Allergy Testing