Laser Treatment for Stretchmarks  
Causes of Stretchmarks  
Stretch Marks or Striae distensae, occur very commonly. In men, striae typically occur as a result of a rapid growth or weight gain at puberty,from endocrin disorders. Excessive or chronic use of potent topical steroids also promotes striae.
Straie are classified into two types, early (red) and mature (white or alba), striae represent linear dermal scars accompanied by epidermal atrophy.
New evidence suggests that targeted light therapy may have a significant improvement in the appearance of striae distense.  
Striae are a very common cosmetic problem. Stretch marks can appear anywhere in the body where the skin is stretched. They pose no health risk and are purely a cosmetic issue. When the skin is overstretched, it produces too much collagen which can form scars called stretch marks. At first stretch marks are reddish or purplish and then disappear over a period of time.
Stretch marks is ofen shown in places like your breast, thighs, hips,arms and buttocks. People who are body builders are more prone to getting them because of rapid body changes and also in obesity.
There are many ways of getting rid of stretch marks, depending on the location and age of the stretch marks.  
What Kind of Treatments are Available for Stretchmarks?  
Our state of the art Erbium laser system is one way of treating stretchmarks,  
with results that speak for themselves.  
Before the therapy you are given a thorough examination and advised accordingly.  
The therapy itself is simple, fast and accurate.  
The surface of the skin tissue which is diseased or otherwise damaged can be removed in ultra-thin layers, with practically no effect on the surrounding tissue.
The new skin layers that form are smooth and regular.  
Another method is the Pro Yellow Laser.  
Photo Rejuvenation Using Pro Yellow Laser  
The new technology correct the signs of early aging skin without causing any changes to the skin surface. The procedures improve skin texture, pigmentation, early wrinkles formation and more importantly stimulate collagen growth which helps eliminate stretchmarks.
EM - Fast Edge MicroPulse Technology provides a unique train of thousands of nanoseconds pulses per second of powerful yellow laser light. The pulse directly stimulate cytochromes in the dermal tissue. The stimulation by an oxidative burst leads to the development of new collagen results in the elimination of stretchmarks and a slowing of the aging process in the skin.
Owing to the underlying musculature and constant movements laser resurfacing is less susceptible to collagen remodelling, but the non-invasive Pro Yellow treatment shows visible results after 3 sessions. Also very effective for wrinkles of various types on any area of the body.
With the safety and accuracy of either method, success is guaranteed!  
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