Green Peel Treatment

What is Green Peel?  
The Green Peel® Herbal Peeling treatment, the original method developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, is a purely plant based method for skin peeling, used by doctors and beauticians all over the world.
  It has been used successfully for 35 years to treat:
  skin impurities
  enlarged pores
  prematurely aging skin
  diminished elasticity of the stomach, upper arms and thighs and other skin conditions.
Clearly visible improvements occur after only a few Green Peel® treatments.  
The Green Peel® formula, with its herbs, minerals, algae, enzymes and vitamins, is applied by specially trained beauticians and doctors using a specialized circular massage. During the message, the micro particles of the herbs gently smoots away the superficial layers of skin. This stimulates the skin to produce new skin cells. Blood circulation is increased and the individual cells receive a surge of oxygen. A few days later the outer layers of skin will begin to peel.

Green Peel® is used successfully in over 40 countries around the world.

Green Peel® is a purely plant based product with no harmful side effects.

Its effects are available after only a few days.

The treatment can be repeated as much as necessary.

The Treatment  
The First Day  
After the first treatment, your skin will be reddened and you will feel a slight burning sensation, like that after a slight sunburn. Your beautician will recommend the right Schrammek skincare products for your skin. These are required during the next 14 days after the treatment.
The Second Day  
Your skin will look normal again now. You will need to treat your skin using the Schrammek products that are specially formulated for use after a peeling treatment, e.g., Herbal Care Lotion or Special Regulating Cream and Blemish Balm. These products aid and enhance the results of the treatment.
The Third Day  
You will notice the first signs of skin peeling. You must continue the treatment using the Schrammek skincare products to give your temporarily dry skin the moisture and nourishment it needs.
The Fourth Day  
The peeling becomes more noticeable. You should relax, and continue treating your skin with the Schrammek skincare products as recommended by your beautician.
The Fifth Day  
Your skin has now completely peeled. You have made an appointment with London Laser for the follow-up treatment, where your new, particularly absorbant skin will receive the ingredients it needs.
The New You  
The treatment is finished, but you should continue using the skincare products for the next 4 days. The effects of the Treatment should be reinforced from the inside. We therefore recommend a well balanced, vitamin and mineral rich diet, healthy lifestyle, lots of exercise and reduced smoking and alcohol consumption. Also, try to substitute coffee and normal tea with herbal teas.
Also, round off your treatment by doing things that make you feel wonderful.  
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