Fine Lines & Wrinkles  
There are many ways of correcting fine lines and wrinkles:  
Using fillers like Collagen, Restylane and other similar products.
Botox to paralyze the underlying muscles and is very effective in forehead lines, crows feet and glabellar lines.
Laser treatments can be expensive but results are more permanent. London Laser uses 2 types of laser therapy for this type of treatment.
Photo Rejuvenation Using Pro Yellow Laser  
The new technology correct the signs of early aging skin without causing any changes to the skin surface. The procedures improve skin texture, pigmentation, early wrinkles formation and more importantly stimulate collagen growth which slows own the progression of the aging process.
FEM - Fast Edge MicroPulse Technology provides a unique train of thousands of nanoseconds pulses per second of powerful yellow laser light to cause the production of large amounts of pro collagen, the principal marker of the collagen synthesis rate in skin. The pulse also directly stimulate cytochromes in the dermal tissue. The stimulation by an oxidative burst leads to the development of new collagen results in the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a slowing of the aging process in the skin.
Owing to the underlying musculature and constant movements laser resurfacing is less susceptible to collagen remodelling, but the non-invasive Pro Yellow treatment shows visible results in the neck area after 3 sessions. Also very effective for frown lines, crows feet and whistle lines on the upper lip.
Pro-Yellow Laser Collagen Remodelling  
The Pro Yellow Collagen Remodelling laser treatment is performed using a new developed contact handpiece using a calculated fluences. There is no skin blanching and the only side effect is mild erythema. No anaesthetic cream is required.
Post operatively the patient can continue their normal skin care programme including moisturizing and UV protection if possible.
Even after a single laser treatment, the treated area shows partial filling of the lines and wrinkles.  
ERBIUM Laser Therapy  
Our state of the art Erbium lase system is the modern way of treating fine lines and wrinkles in the face especially above the neck area.
The treatment is gentle, effective, painless, bloodless and the results speak for themselves.  
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