Laser Therapy for Eczema

Great News for Eczema Sufferers  
If you suffer from Eczema, you know the frustrations: stubborn skin lesions that does not respond to gels or creams - hours spent in applying the creams. Now you can enjoy long lasting effective relief from the painful and itchy symptoms of Eczema. With the revolutionary XTRAC excimer laser system, you can feel good about yourself again,without worrying about lengthy time commitments or any side effects. Just a few minutes with XTRAC could change your life.
New Treatment For Effective Relief  
If you suffer from Eczema, you should know about the new XTRAC excimer laser system. The first FDA approved laser treatment for this inflammatory skin condition. XTRAC is the most exciting breakthrough in years. It is a treatment that really works. The sequence below shows the progression of treatment of Eczema on a back of neck with the new XTRAC laser excimer System.
Eczema Patients Can‘t Say Enough About XTRAC Laser Therapy  
Eczema sufferers who have experienced the miracle of XTRAC cannot stop raving about the results. After just a few short treatments, they are experiencing relief — many for the first time in years. See for yourself the difference and why doctors and patients alike say that, when it comes to Eczema treatment, XTRAC is light years ahead.
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Treats skin quickly and effectively often in just 4 to 10 brief sessions
Provides long — lasting relief typically several months free of symptom
Uses a carefully focused beam of laser light- delivered through a sophisticated fibre optic device that helps prevent exposing healthy skin to harmful u ltraviolet rays
The XTRAC excimer laser system offers:  
Less time required for treatment — minutes instead of hours
No direct UV exposure to healthy skin
No daily care required such as tradional topical creams
No skin thinning or stretch marks
No risk of liver damage or birth defects, as with some oral medications
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