Dark Circles

Laser Treatment for Dark Circles  
Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes  
The skin of your eyelids is thin and contains little fatty tissue. Blood that passes through large veins close to the surface show through the skin producing bluish black tint accentuated. When one is tired or pale during menstruation and later part of pregnancy. With aging the discoloration may become more obvious and permanent.
Other important causes are:  
lack of sleep
excessive vascularization due to medication like retin A
visible blood vessels due to fat loss, thin, aging skin
hereditary thinness or superficial vessels
iron or other vitamin deficiency
What Kind of Treatments are Available for these Dark Circles? Our state of the art Erbium laser system is the modern way of treating unsightly skin blemishes,

with results that speak for themselves.

Before the therapy you are given a thorough examination and advised accordingly.

The therapy itself is simple, fast and accurate.

The surface of the skin tissue which is diseased or otherwise damaged can be removed in ultra-thin layers, with practically no effect on the surrounding tissue.

The new skin layers that form are smooth and regular.

With the safety and accuracy of this new method, success is guaranteed!

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