Collagen - The Art of Beauty

Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found throughout the body in skin, muscle tendon and bone. Fibers of collagen woven together like threads in fabric form a framework into which new cells grow. In the skin collagen provides texture stability and shape. Collagen replacement therapy can make a remarkable difference on depressions between the brows and around the eyes, nose and mouth.
The Paris Lip is created by outlining the border of the upper lip and highlighting the vertical ridges between the lip and the nose. It does not include plumping out the red fleshy part of the lip itself.
The Paris Lip procedure is quickly easy and affordable. To enhance the effect of the Paris lip Collagen replacement therapy to smooth out areas around the mouth above the lip, little commas at the corner of the mouth that can give a tired look to the face are removed.
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