Burn Scar Treatment
Burns are classified as:
1st degree burns that involve minimal tissues damage especially the skin surface (epidermis)
2nd degree burns involve the epidermis and the dermis
3rd degree burns affect the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis with coagulated vessels visible under the skin surface.
A scar is essential part of the natural healing process following injury i.e. burns. After the wound is healed the scar continues to change and return to normal.
A wound does not become a scar until the skin has healed completely.
Types of burn scars:
Keloid scars are an overgrowth of scar tissue they are thick nodular and itchy.
Hypertrophic Scars are thick and raised, occur at the site of injury.
Contracture is permanent tightening of the skin that can affect mobility.
Treatments for burn scars
Steroid injection
Surgical procedures /skin grafts
Pressure Garments
Laser Therapy
Skin Grafts: A piece of skin from one area is transplanted to another area of the body. Usually done in hospital set ups and the success depend on the healing process.
Dermabrasion: Improves the appearance of scar by removing the top layer of the skin. Usually quite a few treatments are required before good changes in the skin are noticed.
Erbium Skin Resurfacing: Improves the skin texture in old scars. The surface of the skin tissue that is damaged can be removed in ultra thin layers, with practically no effect on the surrounding tissue. The new skin layers that form are smooth and regular.
New evidence suggests targeted laser therapy has significant benefit from excimer laser of 308 nm. The laser aids in collagen remodeling in order to achieve and effective improvement in the appearance of the scar. The induction and retention of pigmentation depends on the age of the burn scar and the type.
Patient‘s can see visible results after 2 sessions with loosening of the scar tissue, improved mobility and improved sensations in the affected area.
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